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HybridHybrid Behavioral Health Treatment

Whether in -person, by video, or phone, Four County is here to support your mental health and substance use recovery journey. In today’s world we are finding new, flexible ways to provide our clients with the highest level of clinical support across all mediums, without compromising care. 

What is hybrid care?
The hybrid care experience means we offer in-person and virtual care options

What type of care is best for me?
Your provider will talk to you about the care options they recommend.

Why hybrid care?
Mental Health & Substance Use treatment service require commitment. Appointments can be weekly. To support your journey, care needs to be excellent in quality AND convenient to your lifestyle. Virtual care services allow you to commit to treatment you need while eliminating barriers like excess time off work, child care needs, and transportation challenges.

Are all services offered virtually?
Therapy and Psychiatric Medication management services can be provided virtually. Intensive community, home, and school-based services are offered in-person only.

Our expert team of professionals is uniquely positioned to meet our clients where they are today – in their home, at their school, in the community and beyond. This flexibility allows us to provide truly personalized care, helping bridge the gap between traditional inpatient and outpatient offerings.

Clinical Services
Crisis/Walk-In Services


  • Walk-Ins: Visit any of our many locations during business hours for crisis services

  • Mobile Crisis Team: Learn more about how Mobile Crisis Teams are supporting emergency response with law enforcement partners HERE.

  • Mental Health Screening: Take a mental health screening through Mental Health America-North Central Indiana HERE.

  • Suicide Prevention: To access more resources on Suicide Prevention please visit the Indiana Suicide Prevention resource locator HERE.

  • For individuals struggling with intravenous substance use or pregnant females (or suspected pregnancy) struggling with substance use, Four County offers IMMEDIATE ACCESS. Please call us at (800) 552-3106 or walk in during business hours.
Veterans Crisis Line 18002738255 Press 1   Suicide Prevention Line 18002738255   Be Well Indiana Dial 2-1-1 or (866) 211-9966

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Inpatient Psychiatric Care
Four County's full service, 15 bed, inpatient Acute Care Unit (ACU) is located in Logansport, Indiana. Our ACU is specialized to assist adults who live with depression, anxiety and serious mental illnesses. Those who have a primary mental illness diagnosis and secondary substance abuse disorder, as well as individuals dually diagnosed with developmental disabilities may also be treated. Our team of specially trained multidisciplinary staff of Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, RN's, Pharmacists, Therapists, Skills Trainers and Mental Health Technicians are available 24/7.

Patients are treated with dignity and respect as they recover, and when they are able to acclimate back into the community, they are equipped with the tools they will need to succeed to have the quality of life they desire. Once an individual's short-term stay is completed at the ACU, we have various outpatient options to assist with their continued successful recovery and mental well-being. Four County offers intensive outpatient services and medication management at our North Central Indiana locations and community-based services depending on the need of the individual. 

  • Secured therapeutic environment
  • Activities and therapeutic programming and medication management
  • 24/7 monitoring and staff support, including RN's
  • Admissions accepted 24/7

Call 24/7: (800) 552-3106 for assistance or visit our in-patient unit located at: 1015 Michigan Ave, Logansport, IN 46947

Crisis Stabilization Unit
Four County's Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) is located in Logansport, Indiana. Our CSU is a designated short-term facility to help individuals through their emergency crisis and is geared to assist anyone in temporary need from a couple of hours up to 23 hours. With a place to go and be safely observed, this emergency unit will help close the gap in crisis aid for Cass, Miami, Fulton, Pulaski, and surrounding rural communities.

Our team of specially trained multidisciplinary staff of Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, RN's, Pharmacy, Therapists, Skills Trainers, and Mental Health Technicians are available 24/7. Consumers are treated with dignity and respect as they recover and acclimate back into the community. Once an individual's short-term stay is completed at the CSU, we have various outpatient options to assist with their continued successful recovery and mental wellbeing.

Call 24/7: (800) 552-3106 for assistance or visit our crisis stabilization unit located at: 1015 Michigan Ave, Logansport, IN 46947

Psychiatric Services
Our diverse, skilled group of psychiatric providers are ready to service all psychiatric behavioral health needs. This includes full diagnostic psychiatric evaluation, medication management and follow-up, psychiatric consultation evaluation, psychiatric education and care guidance amongst our multidisciplinary treatment teams. Services are provided in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Call 24/7: (800) 552-3106 for assistance
Genoa Pharmacy Partnership
Four County has partnered with Genoa Pharmacy since 2013 to offer on-site pharmacy services to our patients in Logansport, Indiana. We have recently expanded that partnership to include Consumer Medication Coordinators (CMCs) at our Peru and Kokomo locations. CMCs serve as dedicated pharmacy liaisons for our Center and ensure solid medication management services for our patients.

Onsite pharmacy services are located at 1015 Michigan, Logansport, IN 46947

Hours of Pharmacy Operation:
8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday.
Closed for lunch, daily from 12:30pm-1:00pm

Contact Genoa at (574) 516-6576

Genoa Logo

Integrated Care Services
We believe in approaching well-being from a WHOLE health perspective. Whether that comes in the form of coordinated care between your Four County team and your primary care provider, medical specialist team or in the healthcare navigation that we offer in partnership with local hospital emergency departments. We also support integrated care delivery through specialty partnerships that allow patients to receive mental health and substance use services at their primary care office and primary care services at their Four County location.

Four County has clinics located in 3 of Indiana Health Center’s (IHC) locations: Kokomo, Peru, and Logansport. This clinic-within-a-clinic model allows for a blended experience of addressing primary care, mental health, substance use, and social determinants of health under one roof. If you are receiving your healthcare services from IHC at one of these locations, you can receive your mental health services in that same building from Four County.

To obtain contact information please visit Indiana Health Online

Indiana Health Center also has a clinic located at the Four County Rochester location. New patients can find information here.

To learn more about the WHY and HOW of integrated care visit NIMH

IHC Logo
Therapy Services
Four County creates outpatient therapy accessibility through full service outpatient locations, microclinics, and telehealth services. Full service outpatient locations are stand-alone clinics where a multitude of clinical services are offered. Micro-clinics are neighborhood co-located care clinics. Micro-clinics typically offer outpatient therapy services and are embedded within healthcare facilities, schools, and local employers. Four County has been offering telehealth services since 2015. Telehealth services allow Four County to provide care to our local, rural communities that otherwise may not be available in those areas or would require a patient to travel far distances. We are committed to increasing access to care where everyday life happens!

Four County provides individual, couples, and family therapy for all age ranges. Our therapists provide treatment for adults and children who may be experiencing issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, stress, trauma and much more. Therapists are trained in best practices treatment protocols such as cognitive behavior therapy, EMDR and motivational interviewing, to name a few. We have numerous therapists with specialty certifications such as registered play therapists for children. Our team of therapists use a person-centered approach to therapy that considers not just what treatment would be most helpful for the individual, but what goals are important to the individual.

Four County also offers psychological testing for youth through older adults. Referrals may include, but are not limited to, diagnostic testing, developmental assessment, violence risk level, psycho-educational testing, and parenting assessment. 
Community Based Services
Community Based Skills Trainers work with adults, children, and families in client homes and family settings to learn about positive ways to manage stress and addressing behavioral or emotional concerns. This is done with the support of curriculum that has shown to improve the lives of those we serve. Skills Trainers also assist with teaching necessary activities of daily living while coping with their mental health conditions. These services can range from assisting with budgeting, medical coordination, organization, coping strategies and much more.

Skills training responds to all ages and ensures that necessary skills are developed to achieve goals consistent with the individual’s treatment plan. Skills Trainers connect with the rest of the treatment team to best address the needs of the patient through coordination of services.

Four County offers specialty Wraparound Services. Wraparound is a process utilized to support children with complex needs. It is an individualized planning process to help improve the lives of children. There are various opportunities for families to access Wraparound Services for children and youth who have more extensive needs. To make a referral, please email to AccessSiteReferral@fourcounty.org
School Based Services
Since 2013 Four County has been a leader in outcome-driven, school-based mental health services in the state of Indiana. Four County offers comprehensive, tiered school supports to address social, emotional, and behavioral well-being. We service 30 school corporations and have clinicians embedded in 99 school buildings. We design our school-based programming to meet the unique needs of our school partners and are aligned with state educational initiatives . Our school-based supports include: Therapists, and Skills Trainers.

School Based Skills Trainers are assigned to schools to support students who have emotional or behavioral difficulties that have a negative impact on academic and social performance in schools. Skills Trainers may provide psycho-educational group experiences and/or individual skill building sessions to assist students in learning new ways to cope with stressors or navigate social experiences. This is done with the support of curriculum that has shown to improve the lives of those we serve. These individuals are engaged in services within the school and in some cases, within the classroom. Skill Trainers connect with the rest of the treatment team to best address the needs of the client through coordination of services.

What happens during holiday and summer breaks?
When schools are on break, Four County school-based staff continue care through home visits and structured group sessions during short holiday breaks. For students with more intensive emotional and behavioral service needs, Four County offers a comprehensive summer program.

Does Four County offer professional development for educators?
We offer a series of FREE professional development trainings to the school corporations that we partner with. You can find more information here.


Addiction Recovery Services
Four County can help you in your recovery journey! Our clinicians provide an array of services including individual, family, groups, recovery coaching and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to assist individuals that want to eliminate substance abuse or an addiction from their life. Our recovery clinicians are trained in a wide range of evidence-based approaches to treatment.

We adhere to two mottos in our system-wide approach to recovery: No Wrong Door and We Ask Everyone. Four County was the FIRST community mental health center in the state of Indiana to implement Screening, Brief Interventions, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT). This means that all clinicians who work at Four County are trained to screen and effectively triage to the appropriate level of care for individuals impacted by substance use disorder. We have adapted our approach to SBIRT to include not only screening for alcohol, illegal drugs, misuse of prescription drugs, but also tobacco and gambling.

We also offer a MaT-Rx (Maximizing Tools in Recovery) program that uses a wraparound approach to treatment with a combination of Medication Assisted treatment and outpatient treatment. To learn more about opioid use disorder and treatment, visit https://www.in.gov/recovery/know-the-o/.


 ALCOHOL For people who have problems with alcohol:
  Alcoholics Anonymous
  National Office: (212) 870-3400 
 Virtual AA Meeting Directory
 "In the Rooms" Virtual Meeting Platform
  For friends and/or family of people with alcohol problems:
  Indiana Al-Anon
  National Al-Anon
  National Office: (757) 563-1600 
 TOBACCO For people who have problems with tobacco/nicotine:
  1-800-QUIT-NOW or QuitNowlndiana.com 
 DRUGS For people with drug problems: 
  Narcotics Anonymous
  National Office: (818) 773-9999 x771 
  For friends and/or family of people with drug problems: 
  National Nar-Anon
  National Office: (800) 477-6291 
  Indiana Website for Nar-Anon

Adult Intensive Services
Adult Intensive Services (AIS) are community and home-based programs designed to assist individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses to live independently in the community. Through linkage, coordination of care, advocacy, and teaching daily-living skills, we work to ensure that patients sustain community-based living. Programs include Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) and Stepping Stones Clubhouse. For more details, please see program descriptions listed below.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT):

The Assertive Community Treatment program follows the ACT model of team-provided services, allowing for individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness living in Cass County to obtain the support needed to reduce their risk of inpatient care or state hospital placement. ACT services allow for increased face-to-face time with skills trainers, as well as assisting with medication monitoring, and increased coordination of care between skills trainers and patients’ medical providers (both psychiatric and physical health). Staff provides an interdisciplinary approach 7 days a week, with a psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, and various recovery coaches who closely coordinate with the team regarding patient needs.

Stepping Stones Clubhouse:

The Stepping Stones Clubhouse program is accredited through Clubhouse International, follows the 37 clubhouse standards, and is open all major holidays as well as one Saturday a month. The Clubhouse program aids patients in developing skills in cooking, cleaning, using computers, handling money, and also fosters interpersonal and communication skills. In addition to skills training with regular staff, the Clubhouse also offers presentations on topics such as healthy eating, diabetes management, yoga, exercising, safety, and much more, all provided by individuals in the community who work in the local hospital, fire department, police department, etc.

The Stepping Stones Clubhouse also features a transitional employment program to assist patients in progressing to the point where they can be ready to seek long-term employment by providing them with short-term positions with local employers where they can use extensive staff assistance, even including coverage of scheduled shifts if they are in crisis. In addition to education, the Clubhouse is an environment in which patients can come and spend time with peers, use computers, get lunch, read books, and enjoy free time in a fun and open atmosphere. 
Social Determinants of Health
Residential Services
Supervised Group Living

One of two residential programs offered by Four County, the Supervised Group Living environment allows for very intensive skill building with staff in a 24-hour staffed facility, to attempt to improve an individual's ability to meet basic daily living needs. Residents learn to complete cleaning tasks, cook meals, attend to their personal hygiene, and work with staff to ensure they are taking all medications and following medical recommendations to help provide additional stability in their daily living. This program is focused on aggressively working to ensure that the residents are able to focus on self-sufficiency in order to move to a more independent living environment.

Transitional Living Program

Four County's Transitional Residential Living environment assists individuals with living in an apartment setting while still maintaining access to staff 24 hours a day. Clients in this program will address their ability to meet all daily living needs, with increased focus on coordination with others and allowing for increased independence in developing and implementing plans for attending to daily living needs with peers. This program assists in developing further insight into the need to establish a support system to ensure that needs are being met when individuals are unable to ensure that all daily living tasks can be accomplished.
Supported Employment
The Supported Employment Program helps to assist individuals with a mental illness to locate, obtain and maintain paid employment. The program is business-friendly and enables employers to locate and hire qualified employees who are interested in their specific field and desire long-term employment. Supported Employment will work with employers to identify an employee (or employees), matched to meet their needs and motivated to work, along with as much or as little support as needed to assist the individual in maintaining employment after they begin.

The Supported Employment Program is offered in Cass, Miami, Fulton, and Pulaski Counties. A Work Opportunity Tax Credit may be available to businesses who hire eligible employees.
Prevention Services
Prevention Services

Four County offers a range of mental health and substance use prevention services and supports to our communities and local partners

  • Contract HIV testing/education with AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist
  • Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for Substance Use Disorder
  • Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) for suicide prevention
  • Botvin Life Skills Training (LST) for youth substance prevention
  • Campaign to Change Direction for mental health awareness and stigma reduction
  • Sources of Strength (SOS) for youth suicide prevention
  • Overdose prevention- all outpatient satellite locations stock Narcan for nurse administration
  • Mental Health First Aid Training through MHA of North Central Indiana
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
  • Get S-M-A-R-T
  • Get S-M-A-R-T Jr for substance use early intervention (Calla Collaborative Health)

Calla Collaborative Health    Sources of Strength       AIDS Ministries Assist        QPR       Botvin Life Skills       Change Direction
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