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Community Based Skills Trainers work with children and families in client homes and family settings to learn about positive ways to manage stress and addressing behavioral or emotional concerns. This is done with the support of curriculum that has shown to improve the lives of those we serve. Skills Trainers also assist with teaching necessary activities of daily living while coping with their mental health conditions. These services can range from assisting with budgeting, medical coordination, organization, coping strategies and much more.

Skills training responds to all ages and ensures that necessary skills are developed to achieve goals consistent with the individual’s treatment plan. Skills Trainers connect with the rest of the treatment team to best address the needs of the patient through coordination of services. 

Four County offers specialty Wraparound Services. Wraparound is a process utilized to support children with complex needs. It is an individualized planning process to help improve the lives of children. There are various opportunities for families to access Wraparound Services for children and youth who have more extensive needs. To make a referral, please email to
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