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Virtual Professional Development Series

Let's Make a Difference!

We're excited to offer a series of FREE VIRTUAL professional development trainings to educators from partnering school corporations.

WEEK 1  How to Manage a Classroom Virtually

Friday, April 24th at 10:00AM

Facilitator: Jennifer McNeany
Four County Counseling Center’s school psychologist, Jennifer McNeany, assigned to Kokomo School Corporation and former elementary school teacher, will provide an online training presentation about managing a virtual classroom. Current e-learning procedures and expectations will be evaluated, as well as the quality of academic instruction being provided. Mrs. McNeany will address different opportunities and hurdles for age groups from kindergarten through grade 12. Participants will gain the following from this presentation:
  • Strategies on how to provide a rich educational experience for all students, regardless of ability
  • Knowledge to build and maintain virtual student relationships
  • Strategies for addressing negative online classroom behaviors
  • Knowledge about how to develop and implement appropriate online classroom policies
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Helpful Link for those wanting to explore project based learning experiences: This site offers activities for students in kindergarten all the way through high school.

WEEK 2  Trauma-informed Care

Friday, May 1st at 11:00AM

Facilitators: Tiffany Greiner, Krista Frushour, Sam Roahrig
Educators will learn cost-effective strategies to create a trauma sensitive classroom. Strategies to rewire the brain to support learning. They will also learn relationship-building strategies to be a champion for their students.

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WEEK 3  Educator Wellness and Self-Care

Friday, May 8th at 10:00AM

Facilitators: Lucie Ingram & Sky Solomon
Four County will provide wellness and self-care strategies for educators. While being provided with a brief overview of trauma and its impacts on brain. They will gain a basic understanding of secondary or vicarious trauma. Educators will also engage with various skills to develop self-regulation strategies, promote resiliency and healthy coping, and deeper engagement with others.

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WEEK 4  Going Upstream to Build Resiliency

Friday, May 15th at 12:00PM

Facilitators: Jessi Crume & Lisa Willis-Gidley
Educators will understand core social emotional learning competencies. They will also learn best practices in supporting student self-awareness and self-management. Furthermore, strategies to engage caregivers to further support our students and youth.

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WEEK 5  Know the Five Signs

Friday May 22nd at 12:00PM

Facilitators: Becky Hook & Alyssa Blackburn
Know the signs will provide educators with recognizing the signs of emotional struggles in youth. They will be provided with universal screening for mental health and substance use. They will also be provided with brief interventions for common classroom concerns.

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Friday May 22nd at 2:00PM

Facilitators: Letecia Timmel
Suicide Awareness in Schools or QPR will provide educators with strategies to engage students on a relational level. They will be provided with the warning signs and practices to support students in emotional distress. They will also gain practice skills related to talking with students about suicidality.

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