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KOKOMO, Ind. - The Kokomo Housing Authority (KHA) and Four County have been community partners since 2016 in order to provide residents of KHA with mental health and substance use recovery services. Taking access to care even further, the two organizations are excited to provide onsite care to residents at Garden Square. This pivotal expansion will create an environment for residents to more easily access mental health services. 

The Kokomo Housing Authority works with community partners to provide for the needs of their residents. Executive Director of Kokomo Housing Authority, Derick Steele states, “We are overwhelmed by the continued support shown by Four County for our residents and the KHA. This partnership, started under our previous ROSS Coordinator, Chris Westlake, will continue to grow under both Mr. Westlake’s and new ROSS Coordinator, Megan Henry’s, vision and commitment to providing our residents with all necessary resources. In this regard, we are proud to continue to partner with Four County to more conveniently provide those resources to our residents.”

This onsite clinic is just another step the two organizations are taking together to ensure services are accessible. Efforts are underway to prepare the new space located at 800 E Hoffer St in Kokomo. It is at this location that Four County will provide onsite clinical therapy services 5 days a week. In addition to current youth programs and skill building services, Four County looks to expand the skill building services to adult programs and provide daily living activities and mood management tools.

Outpatient therapists, skills trainers, and practicum students will make up the majority of the Four County clinicians that will occupy this space. Vice President of Four County, Lisa Willis-Gidley remarks, "We are very pleased to continue our current services and look at service expansion to Kokomo Housing Authority residents, specifically at Garden Square. Having a Four County clinic onsite will allow for low barrier access to mental health care, a very exciting venture."
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