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LOGANSPORT, Ind. - On Wednesday, February 3, 2021 Four County and the Cass County Chamber of Commerce ushered in North Central Indiana's first Crisis Stabilization Unit with a ribbon cutting ceremony. The Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) will be a designated short-term facility to help individuals through their emergency crisis and will open its doors and services to the public Monday, February 8, 2021.

Community crisis support previously took giant leaps with the launch of the Four County Mobile Crisis Team back in September 2020. The Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) was created to support Law Enforcement in responding to mental health and substance use crises and psychiatric emergencies. For so long, individuals had no choice but to go to the emergency room or contact law enforcement due to lack of resources or knowledge of available resources. MCT works collaboratively with local law enforcement of Cass, Miami, Fulton, and Pulaski Counties, community based mental health and substance use agencies, and emergency rooms/hospitals to increase the safety of individuals in a crisis. 

In coordination with the success of the MCT, Four County is excited to roll out the Crisis Stabilization Unit. Located in the Four County Main Center off Michigan Avenue in Logansport, the CSU is geared to assist anyone in temporary need from 1-2 hours up to 23 hours. With a place to go and be safely observed, this emergency unit will help close the gap in crisis aid for Cass, Miami, Fulton, Pulaski, and surrounding rural communities. 

"We are incredibly excited to be adding a Crisis Stabilization Unit to our continuum of crisis care," states Chief Clinical Officer Nicole Hiatt-Drang. "Not only does Four County offer walk in crisis assessments, assessment by phone, rapid access intake appointments, mobile crisis and acute care hospitalization, we will now have four CSU chairs available for 23 hour observation. I’m incredibly proud to work for a community mental health center that is dedicated to rural mental health care and excellence in crisis stabilization. This would not be possible without the many associates who work tirelessly every single day to provide better care and be better together."

Renovated by Shepler Construction with flooring installed by The Gray Mill, chairs are distributed throughout the space so patients may have an area to rest, recoup, and receive aid. "Because it is designed for short-term care, the goal is to help individuals through their emergency crisis and then get back into the community,” said Four County Chief Executive Officer Dr. Carrie Cadwell. “This is a one-of-a-kind facility. We’re building out our crisis continuum.”

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