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4C Health Announces 4-Day (32 Hour) Work Week

4C Health Announces 4-Day (32 hour) Work Week

The future of work in healthcare is here. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work a 4-day work week for same annual wage and benefits as a 5-day workweek? Coming in September of 2022, 4C Health will be implementing an innovative 4-day (32 hour) work week!! Time is the most valuable commodity we have in life, and for our current and future staff it was not a question of should we do this, it was a long overdue must.

Carrie Cadwell, CEO of 4C Health, stated, “To date, companies implementing the 4-day work week have not been healthcare organizations. Yet, healthcare, including behavioral healthcare, have often the highest burnout rates for staff, especially with the after-effects of the ongoing COVID pandemic. We are excited to lead the charge in our industry’s space and continue to push ourselves to re-envision what work looks like in the future. We believe that giving a day back each week to staff for life outside of work without change to pay or benefits is the best investment any employer can make for employee wellness, while ensuring quality of care, and efficiency outcomes.”

Four County recently announced a rebrand to 4C Health. Cadwell further added, “The 4C Health promise is Care that is Compassionate, Collaborative, and Competent. We see this investment in our staff being the most important investment to meet that promise in our care. When it came right down to it we were well poised to make this change based on our tireless work over the last five years in reducing waste, creating operational efficiencies, updated productivity/care modeling, and leveraging the use of new technology and medical record systems. At 4C Health our goal is to be an innovative leader in care delivery and support models, while remaining human.”

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