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Four County Counseling Center is sponsoring a phenomenal community event to increase awareness for suicide prevention. In collaboration with the Cass County Zero Suicide Task Force, Four County invites you to join Kevin Hines as he tells his powerful story of survival to Cass, Fulton and Howard Counties. Anyone is welcome to attend this FREE event! We are inviting not only those in Cass, Howard and Fulton counties, but also those in all surrounding communities. Four County is delighted to bring this dynamic speaker to offer support and hope. It is our vision to utilize this and other platforms to slash the suicide rate in our communities and beyond. 

  • Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death for Americans 
  • An average of one person dies by suicide every 13.7 minutes; so every 13.8 minutes, loved ones and communities are left shattered 
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among those 25-34 years of age
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth and young adults (ages 10-14 and 15-24 respectively) 
  • In 2015, approximately 42,000 individuals died by suicide in the United States (more than traffic fatalities and more the death by homicide)
  •  The suicide rate in Cass County has more than tripled over the last year 

We cannot sit idle and let these startling rates continue to rise.   

We are in the business of saving lives!

Crisis Counseling is now available through texting "IN" to 741-741.

Crisis Hotline


Thank you for your interest in Four County Counseling Center.  Since 1975 we have been invested in the behavioral health needs of children, adolescents, adults, and families in our rural Indiana communities.  In fact, last year we provided services to over 8,000 individuals in Cass, Pulaski, Fulton, and Miami Counties.  We are truly honored that so many people have turned to Four County Counseling Center to journey with them as we have offered hope and healing during times of crisis.

As an organization dedicated to bettering our communities, we aim to continuously improve the ability for residents to access our care while limiting those obstacles preventing care.  We understand that each one of our clients is uniquely different and should be offered an array of services that most effectively enhances emotional well-being.  At Four County Counseling Center, we offer a full continuum of services.  See Four County brochure. This allows our staff the ability to offer the most appropriate services for almost any given concern or need.  We also take great pride in ensuring that our services are not only delivered in a manner consistent with strong clinical evidence, but are also personally meaningful and significant.  This ultimately means understanding how our clients perceive and experience our services on their path to recovery and success.  The center of everything we do is based upon providing the highest quality of care in a manner that is engaging and always centered on the client.

As you will quickly encounter from our website, Four County Counseling Center offers an array of services to address the variety of concerns encountered in our communities.  From services offered at home, at school, on our inpatient psychiatric unit, or at one of our local clinics we continue to be the “life-line” for so many residents.  We are honored and privileged to be entrusted with this responsibility in our quest to service all those who are in need.

Thank you for visiting us and please feel free to call with any questions about the great work our staff performs within our four counties!

With very best wishes,

C.J. Davis

Discrimation is against the law. We comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws. We do not treat clients differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

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